Understanding Pork Products


Pork by definition is the flesh of pigs; in simple terms pig meat. There are eight types of cuts in this kind of meat. Learn more about smithfield foods,  go here.

Pork sausage; this type of product is made by cutting pork meat into pieces then it is ground to make smaller pieces that are seasoned for flavor and put in cases. They can be made into a variety of sizes depending on someone’s preference. Grilled or fried sausage is a great meal option. Find out for further details on smithfield foods right here.

Pork tenderloin; cut from the center loin this type of meat is long and narrow and its color a shade of pale pink. It is not only tender, but it also has the leanest meat.
Baked or grilled it cooks fast. Therefore, it’s a great substitute for those family dinner nights.

Bacon; this is cured meat meaning it has been smoked and salted with salt and sodium nitrate not just to add flavor to the meat but also as a method of preservation. Most bacon comes in cylindrical slices. Bacon has a long shelf life compared to the other types of pork meat usually sold fresh.

Pork loin; this is the largest cut of all eight types. It has a large layer of fat from the back. This large piece is boneless therefore it is very easy to slice and a great meal option when roasted, baked or even sauteed to a person’s liking. This meat is tender and flavorful.

Pork chops; these are pieces cut from the tenderloin. They look like miniature steak pieces usually cut an inch thick. Pork chops a cut down to the spine they are of two common types the loin chops and the ribs chops.

Ham; like bacon most ham cured with brine and salt. It also available for sale while fresh if desired. Ham is meat from the pig leg, and it can be sold boneless, semi-boneless or with bones, some hams are dry cured or smoked to add more flavor to the meat. Usually, ham is cut into skinny slices and eaten raw.

Spare ribs; they are cut from the lower ribs. A rack contains eleven ribs and although they are not very fleshy the fat around the ribs makes it tasty when roasted, grilled or baked to perfection.

Baby back ribs; this is small ribs cut from the rib cage near the backbone. They are fleshier than the spare ribs. Therefore, they are very juicy. The baby back rib rack has eleven ribs that have the tenderest meat. Can be roasted or grilled. Take a  look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pork  for more information.


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